foxtail palm - wodyetia bifurcata
california coco palm - beccariophoenix alfredii
flame thrower palm - chambeyronia macrocarpa
king kong palm - caryota gigas
myola king palm - archontophoenix myolensis
purple king palm - archontophoenix purpurea
royal palm - roystonea regia
teddy bear palm - dypsis leptocheilos
travelers palm - ravenala madagascariensis
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Have you ever wanted to have a couple of coconut
palms in your backyard with a hammock tied to them
so you can sip a beverage and fall asleep from all the
worries of the world? Still dreaming?....

Now there's a chance to have your Coco Palm
'Look-Alike' and get close to your utopia without the
worry of your palms being damage/killed in the next
cold front.

Some have already labeled this palm as the California
Coco Palm or The Frozen Coconut Palm, because it's a
kissing cousin to the Cocos Nucifera. Recently discover-
ed in a higher plateau of the Island of Madagascar
west of Antsirabe, this new form of Beccariophoenix
originates in a humid valley on the high plateau
(approximately 3,000 feet above sea level), where the
temperatures can drop below freezing at night in
winter, making it ideal for temperate areas with occas-
ional freezes.  The plant is quite distinct from B. mada-
gascariensis and B. Sp. (Eastern), which are similar
palms in Madagascar but more sensitive to cold air.

Just look at the photo of the natural habitat below!
Doesn't it look like Inland Southern California?!

The leaves also seem to be unscathed from 110
degrees down to 28 degrees.

There have been reports that seedlings in Orlando,
Florida survived icicles hanging off the leaf tips with
little or no damage over the '08 - '09 winter. Beccarios
are also moderate growers but will grow well with
extra TLC and Palm fertilizer.

Finally, why not be the first to begin growing your own
Coconut Palm-looking tropical and transform your yard
into a Tropical Oasis?

Our seedlings are shipped bare root, wrapped in
Sphagnum moss or similar medium.  We also offer
local pick up in DeLuz, CA (border of Temecula and San
Diego North County.)

Please feel free to continue to browse our website
and discover the palms of tomorrow that may
someday replace the more common palm species used
in landscapes.
California Coconut
Sizes & Pricing
*subject to change without notice.
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- rich, well drained soil.

Sun - full sun, even early in age.

Water - ample water, moist

Cold - can take down to 25°.

Natural Habitat -
High plateau in central
Beccariophoenix Alfredii Landscape (click to enlarge)
Beccariophoenix Alfredii Native Habitat (click to enlarge)
Beccariophoenix Alfredii Mature Tree (click to enlarge)