foxtail palm - wodyetia bifurcata
california coco palm - beccariophoenix alfredii
flame thrower palm - chambeyronia macrocarpa
king kong palm - caryota gigas
myola king palm - archontophoenix myolensis
purple king palm - archontophoenix purpurea
royal palm - roystonea regia
teddy bear palm - dypsis leptocheilos
travelers palm - ravenala madagascariensis
Other Palm Offerings
tropical plants - ground covers & fillers
sought after palms of the decade.  Sought after, not
only for its cold hardiness (down to
24°F) but also for
its amazing and bold tropical appearance it gives to
any garden.

When one sees it in person, they will attest that these
are not touched up to enhance the red,
they truly are a bright, fire-engine, red frond.  Though
not a fast growing palm the red shoot can be seen from
an early age and lasts about 2-3 weeks.

The tough, thick, dark green and leathery leaves also
give it a more tropical appearance to many.  There are
at least two forms of the Flame Throwers, one having a
watermelon-like skin feature for its crownshaft and the
other having a more blonde color crownshaft.  Other
than that, they are essentially the same.

From the Island of New Caledonia just east of Australia,
Chambeyronias are reported to also grow indoors.  This
is good news for those who are in more norther states.
However, it's going to want to be planted in the ground
eventually since they can reach 20-25 feet in their mat-
ure height.

Although gaining popularity, these beauties are still not
widely grown in cultivation.  they're also perfect for tho-
se corners and "in between" spots in your garden; since
they don't like to be in wide open fields with too much sun.

We have healthy seedlings which have been acclimated to SoCal weather, having been
grown from seed.  Our seedlings are between 8-12 inches tall and ready to transplant.
We can also provide you the blonde form (Chamb. Hookerii) upon special request and
with a minimum order.  Get your Flame Throwers with us and watch your neighbors do
a "double take" as they drive by your place.

For finding out how you can begin growing Flame Thrower Palms in your yard or on
your next landscape project,
click here for ordering information and prices.
Flame Thower
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- rich, well drained soil.

Sun - some shade when young,
partial sun when mature.

Water - ample water, moist soil
between waterings.

Cold - can take down to 24°F.

Natural Habitat -
The Island of New Caledonia in
the South Pacific.  Mostly at  
higher elevations.
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