foxtail palm - wodyetia bifurcata
california coco palm - beccariophoenix alfredii
flame thrower palm - chambeyronia macrocarpa
king kong palm - caryota gigas
myola king palm - archontophoenix myolensis
purple king palm - archontophoenix purpurea
royal palm - roystonea regia
teddy bear palm - dypsis leptocheilos
travelers palm - ravenala madagascariensis
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tropical plants - ground covers & fillers
AKA 'Wodveitchia'. A unique hybrid palm tree
discovery, starting to make huge strides for palm
California and the Sub-tropic world. The hybrid's
parents are the Veitchia Arecina palm tree from
Vanuatu Island, and the "fast becoming popular"
Wodyetia Bifurcata or better known as the "Foxtail"
Palm, hence called the "Foxy Lady" palm, by many.

Apparently The resulting hybrid has more cold
tolerance than either parent- great palm for Southern
California! It has drooping, premorse (bitten off ends)
leaflets and a grey, speckled stem and crownshaft.
It's a steady grower and takes pretty good amount of

These are some of the rarest and desirable palm trees
in Southern California, and with already many
surviving several winters in SoCal, these are sure to
be an investment that will not only beautify your
property, but add value to it as well.

The city of Santa Monica has already planted a few
near the famous Pier because of the Wodveitchia's
anticipated growing popularity for years to come.
Foxy Lady
Sizes & Pricing
*subject to change without notice.

- moist, well-drained soil.

Sun - full sun

Water - ample water, can be
drought tolerant
once established.

Cold - can take down to 25°.

Natural Habitat -N/A, man-made
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