foxtail palm - wodyetia bifurcata
california coco palm - beccariophoenix alfredii
flame thrower palm - chambeyronia macrocarpa
king kong palm - caryota gigas
myola king palm - archontophoenix myolensis
purple king palm - archontophoenix purpurea
royal palm - roystonea regia
teddy bear palm - dypsis leptocheilos
travelers palm - ravenala madagascariensis
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The King Kong Palm (Caryota Gigas) or also known as
the Thai Mountain Giant Palm, is native to Thailand,
China and Laos.  It grows in wet, mountainous
forests.  In northeastern Thailand it normally grows in
colonies from elevations of 4000-5300 feet.

The Caryota Gigas has large, full, bipinnate with fishtail
leaflets, and dark green leaves.  Its trunk is large and
smooth, with a gray to brown coloring.  Some say the
tree resembles a giant fern.  It can begin flowering after
growing over 50-60 feet.  This palm will flower, set
seeds and then it fades from its glory and dies.

The King Kong Palm is the largest of all Fishtail Palms,
as it can reach heights of up to 80 to 100 feet tall!  It is
also a moderately fast growing tree.

The amazing fishtail palm tree prefers full sun, plenty of
water, and consistently moist well drained soils. It is
highly salt and drought tolerant. The fishtail palm is
hardy to 27°F.

This is a beautiful ornamental for large public places.
When young it is also can be used indoors.
King Kong
Sizes & Pricing
*subject to change without notice.

- rich, well drained soil.

Sun - full sun, even early in age.

Water - ample water, moist soil.

Cold - can take down to 27°F.

Natural Habitat -
Thailand, China, Laos
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